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  • User is wheeled to Support Station, grabs the handholds, and lifts (is lifted) to standing position. When kneeboard is in place (shown in picture), a rolling commode can be moved in. When kneeboard is not used, the Support Station can be pivoted to a standing toilet. Or the client can be diapered with greater ease and better hygiene.
  • Step 1: User is wheeled to support station and grabs the handhold bars.
  • Step 2: User lifts him/herself or is lifted to the support station. Ready for transfer to commode or for diapering.
  • Diagram shows Rifton Support Station in folded position.
  • Diagram shows dimensions of Rifton Support Station when deployed for use.
  • Diagram shows measurements recommended for installation when planning to pivot user to stationary toilet.

Rifton Support Station. Bathroom support for Special Needs users.


Product Description

This innovative device was designed to assist disabled people and their caregivers in bathroom use.

The Rifton Support Station enables even partially weight-bearing individuals to receive hygiene care or a diaper change in an upright position. This makes the process more dignified for the individual, improves access to skin and clothing, and eliminates heavy lifting for the caregiver.

Using the support station, clients can assist in the sit-to-stand transfer, using their own strength and skills to participate in their care.

The support station can also be used for non-weight bearing transfers.

Height and tilt are adjustable and the station folds against the wall, with an 8" profile.

It can be used in the fixed configuration for transfer to and from a rolling commode or in the Pivot Configuration for transfer to a stationary toilet.

The Rifton Support Station is designed for easy, thorough cleaning.

It is Installed securely to the wall and rests firmly on the floor.

User Height: 48" - 80"

Maximum Weight: 250 pounds.

Please call for pricing. We install in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New York.

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