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Republic Storage Systems

We have a huge stock of Republic locker repair and replacement parts.

BUT...the world of Republic Locker repair parts is changing daily. PLEASE!! Call us at 888-388-5264 or 732-868-9000 or send an email to sales@langequip.com. We'll give you a firm quote and an honest assessment of availability.

We have 40 years of experience in repairing broken lockers. So save yourself effort and put our experience to work.

Take a picture of the part you need. Email the picture and an explanation (how many parts you'll need, a description of the problem...) to sales@langequip.com.

We'll identify all the parts you need, send you a quote, and give you instructions or send you a link to a video about how to do the repair.

Or give us a call at 888-388-5264 or 732-868-9000 and talk to our experienced staff about your problem.

We can make your repair job almost easy!





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