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Permaglide Booty

Be a floor saver and stop floor scratching with our Permaglide Booty Chair Glide Cover / Floor Protection System.

It's made of soft, flexible, felt-covered neoprene/polypropylene and slips over nearly any chair glide. It is easily and permanently installed, renewing any worn glide and way smaller than a cue ball.

The Booty protects vinyl VCT and wood floors from scratching. It silences screeching chair noises. It won't fall off and can't be casually removed. It's perfect for schools, homes and institutions.

Click on the thing that looks like a fuzzy mushroom. Watch our video, Call or email for a free sample.

Finally, you'll be able to say, "NO MORE TENNIS BALLS!"

If you have questions, call us at 888-388-5264 or 732-868-9000 and talk to our experienced staff. Or send an email to sales@langequip.com



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