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New Corridor Lockers

Lang Equipment Co. has been selling and installing New Corridor Lockers since 1974. We've seen it all, and can give you the information you need to compare, research, and select the best locker for your money.

Corridor Lockers are best for schools, Parks & Recreation, some locker rooms, offices, hospitals, and industrial and food production facilities.

Lockers for athletic locker rooms, fire/police/emergency responders, as well as cubbies are listed on other pages.

We can make the planning of your new locker installation very easy! Here are three ways for you to get a custom and accurate quote:


  • Take a few pictures of your facility with your phone
  • email or text the pictures to sales@langequip.com
  • Include a few details (like dimensions and special requirements)
  • We'll send a price back to you - Simple!


TRADITIONAL WAY (works fine)

  • Call 888-388-5264 or 732-868-9000 OR
  • Fax a sketch to 732-868-8000 OR
  • email your sketch to sales@langequip.com
  • We'll send a quote to you quickly


SITE VISIT (New Jersey, southern New York, eastern Pennsylvania)

  • Call us at 888-388-5264 or 732-868-9000, email us at sales@langequip.com, or FAX us at 732-868-8000 to schedule a visit
  • When we've taken measurements and discussed your needs and options with you, we'll draw up and send you a quote

Please note: Every locker job needs individualized attention: from the available options to color choices to freight charges. To give you the best possible service, and save you trouble later, we prefer to provide you with a detailed, job-specific quote before you order. For that reason, we do not offer new lockers for online purchase.





Lang Equipment Company
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