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Padlock Hasps : How to fix school gym lockers that seem unfixable

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" How do I fix my schools' gym locker room lockers if they are obsolete or damaged to the point of not being latchable?"  

This is a common question that I receive weekly. While you can usually find repair parts for your lockers, the problem remains that if the locker doors are even a little twisted, you'll have an extremely difficult task of getting the lockbar and handle to operate properly making the locker insecurable and therefore worthless.

" So what are my options?", you ask as you stare out desperately at a sea of broken lockers. Well, you always could replace your old lockers with brand new lockers. But honestly, how many School Districts these days have money laying around in the budget for $20,000.00 worth of new lockers? Not many. So that leaves you with one last option.

Since Most schools that I've encountered have their students use padlocks in the locker rooms to secure their belongings during phys ed, the universal padlock hasp is the best solution to protect your students' property. The hasp can be used on any locker, even a badly bent one, and ensure that the student can still lock their locker. Here's a picture of what the hasps look like installed.

The video below shows how easy it is to install.

Whether you have Penco, Lyon, Republic, Medart, Interior or any other brand of locker, this hasp will work for you.

Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me at chris1@langequip.com or 1-800-526-5092.


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