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How to fix Penco lockers II : Penco locker nylon latch clips

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Let’s talk about the Penco locker nylon latch clip. I can say with 100% certainty that you’ll see plenty of broken nylon latches if you’ve been assigned the “glorious” task of fixing your broken Penco lockers. The same can be said of ASI, Edsal, or List Industries lockers as well, as they all utilize the same nylon catch.

As you look down the hallways at the hundreds or even thousands of broken Penco lockers that you are preparing to fix, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. You’re probably thinking, “let’s see, if each locker has three nylon catches and I have 3,000 lockers to repair, that’s…..holy moly!” Not to mention the nylon latch clip springs that you may need.

Fret not. We have a video below that will walk through step by step the easy process of replacing Penco locker nylon latch clips. And people with List, Edsal, or ASI lockers don’t worry, the repair process is very much the same for your broken lockers as well.

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