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Be a floor saver: How to prevent scratching on VCT vinyl school floors

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How do I prevent scratching on my schools VCT vinyl flooring? How do I silence my schools’ chairs? If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard these questions I probably wouldn’t be writing a blog about chair glides!

As you probably know,standard chair glides have a nickel metal base. As these glides wear out the chair glide begins to leave grey marks on the floors. To combat this, many companies started making nylon glide caps to cover these glides to prevent marring of the vinyl flooring. Sounds great right? Wrong.Although, these caps work in the beginning, as soon as they pick up some sand or dirt from the floor, they essentially become 60 grit sandpaper on your nice VCT flooring. Disaster ensues…..

Many companies recognizing a need for an alternative to nylon glide caps, started inventing all types of solutions to this problem. These “solutions” come in all shapes and sizes but the problems remained. Either the felt being used was still too hard creating the aforementioned “sandpaper effect”, or they were too easy for students to remove and became projectiles to be launched around the classroom. Tennis balls have the projectile problem too. (not to mention they’re downright ugly!) Felt pads work for a week if you’re lucky, and then promptly fall off.

This brings us to the Permaglide Booty. It’s the best product that we’ve come across to prevent school chairs from scratching your vinyl or wood flooring. The silent nature of these glides also makes it perfect in situations where you are trying to deter disruptions in the classrooms. The main reason it’s successful in stopping scratched floors, is that it’s soft. It absorbs grit to minimize scratches. Also, they are very difficult for students to remove from the school chair preventing the “projectile effect”. The picture to the left is a cross section of the Permaglide Booty.

Hopefully, I’ve provided some useful information for when you are faced with the task of protecting your schools’ floors.

Please watch the video below to learn more about installation.

Of course if you have any other questions, you can contact me at 1-800-526-5092 or chris1@langequip.com.


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