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Bathroom Stalls : Which Toilet Partition material is right for your school or institution Restrooms

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" Which toilet partition material should I use for my schools' bathroom stalls? "

 I receive this toilet partition question weekly, and while there is really not a "correct" answer, there are certain brands and materials that I recommend using for different bathroom partition applications.

Below I will break down the specific stall materials with pros and cons for each.

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Solid Plastic bathroom stalls ( HDPE or High Density Polyethylene )

This toilet partition material is ideal for Schools, Institutions, and Stadiums or any other high traffic or highly vandalized areas. Solid plastic is rust - free which makes it ideal for pool locker restrooms or anywhere that water or humidity is abundant. 

Resistant to graffiti, molds, mildews, and most common cleaners the non-porous plastic will not absorb odors.

Clean, professional look that stands up to abuse and is easily maintained

Heavy Duty Hardware Standard: Plastic or stainless steel Shoes & Continuous Brackets, 8" Hinges, 6" Strikes & Keepers

Color applied throughout panels (not just in finish), so scratches & dents barely show

CLICK HERE for Scranton Products' Hiny Hider color chart

Powder Coated steel toilet partions ( Baked Enamel or B.E. )

This material of bathroom stalls is most commonly installed in Commercial Buildings or Elementary Schools where vandalism is not a major concern in the restrooms.

This Popular and durable material offers quality and affordability with and epoxy finish that resists fading, wear, and scuffing. The honeycomb core deadens sounds and these bathroom stalls are easily cleaned with a mild soap.

CLICK HERE for General Partitions' Powder Coated Steel Color Chart PDF (for perfect match, please request color chips)

Stainless Steel stalls (SSTL)

Perfect for all restroom installations where beauty, strength, elegance, and durability are desired. Satin finish standard, but also available with textured finish, or powder coat (special order). These corrosion resistant partitions are corrosion resistant and scratches can be removed with buffing.

Plastic Laminate (P.L.)

Plastic laminate bathroom stalls are ideal for  commercial use because of the great variety of colors and textures which offers flexibility of design at an affordable price

The Wilsonart or Formica laminate applied to 45 lb. density particle board core which is rust-free, durable, and easy to clean. Not recommended for high moisture areas.

CLICK HERE for General Partitions' Plastic Laminate Color Chart PDF (for perfect match, please request color chips). Other Wilsonart and Formica laminates available

Solid Phenolic Core (S.P.C)

Tough and durable - Ideal for high-traffic, high vandalism areas Available either as "black core" phenolic panels with colored laminate or "color thru" with pigment added to the panels core.

Resistant to scratches, dents, graffiti, moisture, and odors thes toilet stalls are rust-free, sturdy, and easy to clean.

CLICK HERE for General Partitions' Solid Phenolic Color Chart PDF (for perfect match, please request color chips)

Hopefully this article has hoped to clarify to differences in bathroom stall materials for your restrooms. As always, if you have any further questions, please contact me at chris1@langequip.com or 1-800-526-5092. 


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