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Bathroom Stalls & Urinal Screens

Lang Equipment Co has been selling and installing Toilet Partitions / Bathroom Stalls and Urinal Screens since 1974. We've seen it all!

We sell stalls and screens nation-wide. Partitions and Urinal Screens can be made of Solid Plastic (HDPE), Steel (Powder Coated), Plastic Laminate, Solid Phenolic Core, Stainless Steel, or Fiberglass.

We install partitions and screens in New Jersey, southern New York, and eastern Pennsylvania.

We don't think you should have to order your new stalls alone by clicking through webpages -- there are too many details that could add up to a large headache for you.

We can make the planning of your new bathroom installation very easy! Here are three ways for you to get a custom and accurate quote:



  • Take pictures of your installation
  • email the pictures to sales@langequip.com
  • We'll send back a drawing with some questions
  • When we get your response, we'll immediately draw up and send you a quote



  • Decide on the material you want your partition made of (CLICK HERE for our Toilet Partition & Urinal Screen Materials page)
  • Decide how you want the stalls mounted and braced (i.e. Floor Mounted, Overhead Braced) (CLICK HERE for our Toilet Partitions Styles page)
  • Take a few measurements
    • Overall length of installation
    • Wall to FRONT of pilaster
    • Side panel to Side panel ON CENTER
    • Pilaster width(s)
    • Panel height
  • Send a drawing (CLICK HERE for our grid PDF, or just draw it out on a piece of paper) to sales@langequip.com or FAX to 732-868-8000
  • If you have any special requests (like extra-strong hinges, or stronger wall anchoring), mention them on the drawing
  • We'll immediately draw up and send you a quote


SITE VISIT (New Jersey, southern New York, eastern Pennsylvania)

  • Call us at 888-388-5264 or 732-868-9000, email us at sales@langequip.com, or FAX us at 732-868-8000 to schedule a visit
  • When we've taken measurements and discussed your needs and options with you, we'll draw up and send you a quote


No matter which method you choose, we'll give you the best advice and the best price available!



Lang Equipment Company
Fax: 732-868-8000

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