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Bathroom Stall Standard (Pivot) Hinge Brackets

Bathroom Stall Hinge Brackets can make you grind your teeth in frustration!

There are so many! And so many look alike! And the ones that look alike may differ by a few 32nds of an inch!

Sometimes, it's easier to work from a different angle. You can try finding up your door insert (even if it's not broken) or the pin. Then follow the inks on these pages to the other hinge parts (including brackets).

Or you can avoid the madness. Send photos of your broken hinges to sales@langequip.com. Please also privide a little information, like what material your stalls are made of, or a picture of the door insert, or a picture and dimensions of the pintle. We'll send back links to the hinge we think you need. When you agree, we'll quickly provide you with a quote if you need one.



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