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Bathroom Stall Hinge Brackets - SQUARE Edged

Lots of bathroom stall materials come with square edges: Solid Plastic (HDPE), Plastic Laminate, Solid Phenolic Core, even Metal (Baked Enamel Steel)

In some cases, manufacturers use the same design for various stall materials, so we've put all of these together.

Because some of these brackets are so similar, we've linked the brackets to the hinge pins, pintles & cams, and door inserts they're used with.

If this information doesn't help you, please send us pictures of your broken hardware at sales@langequip.com. Include any information you can -- stall material, pictures of inserts, pintle diameter, etc. We'll send you links to the parts we think you need. When you've made your choice, we can send you a quote ASAP.


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